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Event Services Event Services Through the last few years we’ve established a rich & vibrant portfolio of musicians & bands, supporting talented & headlining artists. We’ve managed a variety of live performances for renowned & esteemed acts such as Maluma, Alim Qasimov, Alireza Ghorbani & Homayoun, and many others. Read more
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Talent Booking Talent Booking We’re a first-class, full-service, artist management and music marketing enterprise overseeing and directing an impressive global directory of pop, rock, electronic and fusion creatives. We’re invested in facilitating rewarding collaborations between event organisers, promoters, labels and artists. Book an Artist
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BoxOffice Solutions BoxOffice Solutions At HP Events we offer direct access to an innovative & specialised platform for ticket sales and payment management, so you can track your events with ease, having instant control of its content, sales and insight analytics. We are constantly rolling out new features to advance our box office experience. Read more
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