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Artist & Talent Booking

Artist Booking We’re a first-class, full-service, artist management and music marketing enterprise overseeing and directing an impressive international portfolio of pop, electronic, rock and fusion creatives. We’re invested in finding talent and working collaboratively with clients to expand the business and creative potential of artists at all career levels. HP Events is committed to providing talent with all the resources and facilities necessary to produce high quality content.
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Event Management

Management With over ten years of specialised experience, we’re competently equipped to manage your event from conception to execution; we support our clients through the entire process. With a long lasting and established network, we have the necessary industry knowledge, experience and connections to organise and deliver high quality events regionally & globally. Regardless of scope and scale, or whether your event is in person, virtual or hybrid – we guarantee an interactive and immersive experience.
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Event Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR Through our established connections and extensive experience in marketing within the media and entertainment industry, including the utilisation of BTL campaigns coupled with social media marketing, and other advertising and promotional channels, we support artists with marketing tactics and strategies expanding their audience reach. We arrange for interviews, public and private appearances as well as exclusive invites to notable events all over the world, effectively strategising your PR and marketing output.
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Event Production

Production We’re highly experienced and qualified in arranging, producing and engineering specialised logistics for a wide and extensive range of events from a small gigs to a national and international tours. We handle the delivery and management of technical, hospitality and security riders, complying with licensing, and managing delivering instruments and equipment. We also guarantee to obtain work permits and visas for the artist, band and crew, and meet the management team's expectations regarding travel and accommodation.
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Crewing Services

Staffing From general media crew, arranging audio-visual and technical logistics to organising crewing services, security detail or ushers, you can be confident that HP Events will effectively strategise to handle all your show-day needs. We offer a bespoke, an all-inclusive management service, experienced in engineering large scale, interactive and highly anticipated live performances. We provide top level event crew and staff to some of the most prestigious event companies and venues around the world.
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Legal Support

Legal Support We offer specialised legal advice & support to help artists, managers & event producers better navigate the entertainment and event production industry; whether it’s licensing and work permits, getting visas, venue hiring, PLI/ELI, PRS, sponsorship agreements, media coverage, or claims and complaints we are here to support with relevant counsel. We understand that legal matters may be difficult & demanding to decipher. Through years of experience, we’ve become accustomed to the range of legal concerns, procedures & protocols associated with the ability to guarantee a stress-free production from start to finish.
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Box Office Services

Box Office HP Events provides a premium easy-to-use ticket purchasing experience, to advance your box office capabilities. We manage your ticket sales and payments, so you can track your event anytime anywhere, with high-speed access to your event landing page, sales insights & analytics - an unrivalled and innovative service. Our specialised software system allows us to respond to customer queries from anywhere, offering 24/7 customer service. This service also gives the organisers a chance to review scanned tickets as well as the number of attendees in unoccupied seats on the day of the event.
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